Have you ever left your leftovers out to cool before you put them in the fridge? Well, I like to do that because it’s just a preference of mine. I made spaghetti last night and as always when I put up the leftovers so I can wash the dishes I left them out on the counter so they can cool.

Well, I sat and watched my program for a little while even got up and made myself some dessert, which as you know would take me into the kitchen. Not paying any attention to the leftovers that I left on the counter to cool. Well I finish my dessert and my program, I get up to shut everything down and put my dishes in the sink. Again the leftovers are still sitting on the counter. Do I see them NO! I walk right past them and proceed to go to bed.

I get up in the morning and guess what I find, yep you guessed it my leftovers! So what I was planning on having for dinner tonight again I sadly had to toss. Now it will be a different dinner and a loss that I wasn’t counting on. Ugh, just one of those moments you want to kick yourself in the butt!

2 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Well, live and learn. Honestly, I don’t normally put my leftovers in a dish to cool before putting them in the fridge, but when I was living alone more than once I left out my dinner from the night before because I was either too tired or too lazy to put them up when I was thinking about it. And paid the price the next morning. At the very least I no longer leave my leftovers in the fridge for a week or more before either using or pitching them, gone are the days when I’d have several science experiments festering on various shelves.

    It’s one hiccup, don’t beat yourself up about it. That’s my advice anyway.

    1. I’m pretty good about keeping my fridge cleaned out. The science experiments make my stomach turn! lol But yes every now and then when I keep my leftovers out to cool I get absent-minded and just totally forget about them. Luckily it doesn’t happen often.

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