For the Love of my Master

For the Love of my Master

As some of you may already know my Master and I live 6 hours apart so it makes seeing one another a bit hard. He also has other circumstances that make it hard for us to visit. It’s these other circumstances that has brought me here to write about.

Because of these circumstances we are only allowed to see one another twice a year. But we’re grateful to have that. We deal with it and enjoy every minute we get to spend with one another.

Normally we try to make our first visit as soon as the first thaw! Which is somewhere around the end of April. Sadly this year his circumstances have prevented us from doing that, so our visit will be delayed for a month or two from our normal time.

This is hitting me and my Master pretty hard, you see we only had one visit last year because of other circumstances. Yes, a lot of circumstances in our lives. But isn’t that everyone? So, we are missing one another extra hard.

Sadly though in order to keep my Master safe it is paramount that we make this sacrifice. It isn’t easy and Master was very reluctant to do so, he is close to the point of “I don’t give a fuck” but as his submissive it’s also my duty and love to look out for him and point out the logical answer to the circumstances that are holding us back. His “I don’t give a fuck” attitude about it would cause him way more mental anguish than it would me because he is on the front line. No way am I letting that happen to him! So for now we will do what must be done for his safety.

But one day we will both be able to say “I don’t give a fuck” and do our own thing! I will hold you up my Master! Always and forever!

2 thoughts on “For the Love of my Master

  1. Hello My beloved Pet. Thank you for posting, and yes this is an ongoing issue that we both have to endure.

    “Circumstances”. Yes, a perfect word for an imperfect problem. If only I had a magic wand to use to do away with some of the circumstance, it would work out for the better for both of us, but in some instances, if we took the easy way out, I fear it would have nasty repercussions down the road.

    Having planned for several months for an April meeting, only to have the rug pulled out due to another conflict was a tough pill to swallow. Granted, as we were discussing it this afternoon, to push it back a couple of months, while more than likely the right decision, was a bit of a gut punch. Yes, while it’s the ‘logical’ decision (wow, role reversal!) it still blows donkey chunks to have to resort to this level of compromise to get our time together.

    It does seem the older I get, the more often the “IDGaF’s” creep in more and more. They didn’t use to. Perhaps I am gettting cranky in my old age. I appreciate you far more than anyone ever knew, even you I think at times. In this, thank you again for being my rock, and the one I can lean on when I need to.

  2. Your comment is beautiful and made my heart soar! We will definitely get through this, we’ve been through worse circumstances. And one day it will be easier for us. I will always be your rock Master! 😘


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