My Concerns

My Concerns

Well, this will be my very first post in this wonderful “reprieve” my boy set up for me. He is my joy and my fulfillment.

My boy is going through a rough time right now and it has me very concerned. I want so badly to be there with him so I can hold him and comfort him, ease his worry and his pain. I want to be able to go to all his appointments and hold his hand or just be there beside him where he can feel me physically there holding him up and supporting him.

But alas with our situations the way they are we are unable to physically be together. (Very hard at times)  But I reach out to him with what tools I am lucky enough to have thanks to our wondrous technology. I have great faith that my boy can feel as well as knows that I care and I am there. We will both get you (my boy)  through this. Stay strong for me my precious boy. I have you right here in my arms.

I wanted to make this my first post because this is what has been on my mind most and foremost for a while now.

Also, I want my boy to know how very pleased I am with my reprieve. I love it!  Good boy!  Thank you!

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