I believe it takes more effort to write out the word ‘procrastination’ than actually carrying out the act of what you are procrastinating about.

You sit and either physically write out a list or mentally make one in your mind of all the things you wish to accomplish. This list is either to please yourself or to please someone else, or maybe it is both. Now you have your list made but yet you’re still sitting there thinking of the list or maybe where to start first. You feel confident that you will start soon, get something accomplished. But 1,2,3 hours later you’re still sitting there. Maybe even a day or two has past and yet you still have not checked off one single thing on your list.

Now I wonder, do you feel any accomplishment, do you feel pleased with yourself, do you feel you have pleased the one you are doing these things for as well?

To me the answer to these questions would be no, no, no. So now you sit there and feel unaccomplished, you feel disappointment in yourself for not pleasing the other as well as yourself. Does procrastination bring you any kind of reward?

So I ask if you are going to procrastinate, if you use excuses for your procrastination, if you just don’t care enough to please yourself or the other than why even bother making a list. Why even bother looking around at what needs to be done telling yourself, I will accomplish this, not only are you setting yourself up for disappointment but the others that are also involved with the expected accomplishments.

So just wake up every morning and ignore the things around you, do your own thing, worry for you alone, this makes you happy, right?

The people whom try to help and yet you give them the old excuses or promise them ‘I will eventually get to it’ but yet your still sitting there doing your own selfish things. In turn making yourself look, well I’m sure you know. But no worries, right?  You’re happy, right? Why worry about pleasing the others involved, right?

Maybe the procrastinator should think about these things instead of that mental list they know they will not accomplish.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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