I Smiled Today

I Smiled Today

Well I am sitting here relaxing at home watching some Netflix. When I got up this morning I was still feeling the pain as well as the lack of sleep. It was all starting to take its toll on me physically and mentally.

So I sat here drinking my coffee and just thinking of the past few days events. Thinking to myself ‘you know what self!  I’m not going to sit here and wallow in all this self pity!  I’m not going to sit here and listen to all his snide remarks just to jab them at me!  I am a strong woman and I am loved by someone who is more of a man in his little pinky then my husband is in his whole body!!’ Giving myself a pep talk. So I got up, got dressed and left the house this morning.

I had a very nice day, its mothers day, I went to my daughters house and spent the day with her and my grandson. Took her out shopping and got her a couple of outfits for mother’s day. Made me feel real good. Also got my grandson a couple of little outfits and a big stuffed lion. After that I went to a friends house and wished her a happy mothers day. Then I came home feeling tired but lighter. I was smiling after my day.

I have to say there is someone I have had in my corner through all of this. Someone who has been my light when it got to dark. Someone who has listened to me go on and on and never complained. Someone who has watched me cry but remaining silent until the tears were spent and held me with his words. He is my rock. He has been the one who has been holding me up. My boy.

I want to say thank you my boy for being my support system, my best friend, my love, my cheering squad, my patient boy. Whom I am very grateful for.

I may have relapses here and there. But I know I will come out just fine. I know I will also come out a stronger woman then I already am. And I have the greatest cheering squad a woman could ever ask for!!!!

I had a good day!

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