Earlier today I created a Tumblr account. I am excited about it and exploring new things I will discover. As I was doing so I remembered my Daddy had sent me a link to his. So I went and retrieved the link and went to his Tumblr. I was very much enjoying what I was looking at, then I came across a comment he had made on another slave’s picture. Automatically I became jealous and worrisome, not out of mistrust towards my Daddy but out of my own insecurities. I know in my heart, mind, and soul that I truly belong to him. I know our future is written in stone and we will be together forever! But my past my mind has a tendency to come back and haunt me. As hard as I may I try not to let it infringe upon my present. But it always has a way of seeping in. My Daddy told me that it will, with time and hard work between the two of us eventually fade and not even be an afterthought. I wait eagerly for that day to come. But until then it continues to haunt me. And it builds fear within me that it will do damage to our D/s. And I know what my Daddy will tell me, he would say, no babygirl it isn’t going to damage us if nothing else we will overcome it together. And I do believe him, I just wish my mind would listen to his words and make the hauntings go away.

All my life I have either been left behind, forgotten, overlooked, or abandoned. On top of being taken advantage of used and abused. As if I am nothing more than a discarded piece of trash. But I have to admit, ever since I met my Daddy my life has changed in ways I would have never imagined. I have discovered new feelings that I never knew truly existed. Feelings I have NEVER experienced until I met my Daddy. So I thank you with all my heart Daddy for loving me. For making me feel worthy of your love!

I know it will be a long hard journey, I know the hauntings will come and go. But my Daddy helps me to be strong and shows me that I am not just a discarded piece of trash, but a human being who does deserve to be loved.

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