For Daddy’s bad day

For Daddy’s bad day

I’m kneeling on my sub pillow awaiting my Master’s arrival. It’s situated at the front door, so it’s the first view he gets when he enters his house. I am naked,my legs folded underneath me,hands palm down on my knees. All I have on is my collar with my leash attached to it,laying down between my knees so he can grab it as he wishes. My head slightly bowed. I wait patiently for his arrival.

I hear his car pull into the drive, excitement runs through my body as I wait for him to walk through the door. I hear the key in the lock,the doorknob turns and he walks in. He reaches down and grabs my leash. I immediately stand and follow behind him,two steps behind. He didn’t give me his normal greeting. This tells me he has had a bad day at work.

He walks to his chair and sits,immediately I kneel beside him. I wait, finally he reaches down and starts carressing my head. I know now I may speak.

‘May I bring you a drink Master?’ He nods. I stand and go get his favorite drink, bringing it back to him. Kneeling in front of him I bow my head and hold his drink out to him. He waits before he takes it. I hold it patiently. Waiting, waiting. He finally takes it and I take my position back beside his leg.

‘May I make your meal Master?’ I ask him. He nods, no. I want to ease my Master’s stress. I want to help him relax. So I ask him. ‘May I ease your stress Master?’ He nods, yes. He reaches down and unhooks my leash. I stand and walk to our dungeon. I look around trying to find the perfect paddle that will make him happy. As I look upon the wall where they hang my eyes light up as I spot it! Taking it down I walk back to him. Kneeling in front of him I bow my head and hold the paddle out to him. Again he makes me wait, but this time it is longer. The paddle starts to get heavier my outstretched arms start to shake slighty, but I remain in position and wait for him to take it. Feels as if hours have past, my arms shake more. I can feel my muscles as they strain to keep in position. Finally he reaches and takee the paddle from me. I stand and lay his property over his lap.

I feel his hand as he caresses my body, roaming my back, my ass. I shiver as the feel of his hands on me gets me excited. Anticipation,fear courses through me. Suddenly he comes down hard on my ass with his bare hand,hitting each cheeck. Warming me as he colors his property. Pain and pleasure start to build, I can feel the wettness build between my legs. I stay in position taking whatever my Master needs. He stops and starts rubbing where he just warmed. I inhale sharply as I feel the sting of the spanking. Still I remain still. I feel him move around, again no warning as the paddle comes down hard on my ass. I jump at the first blow but then hold my body still. Blow after blow the paddle comes down on my ass! I try to not clench my ass cheeks as they burn and sting from his ministrations. I’m very turned on,my thighs wet from my juices. The pain and pleasure bringing me high, I’m floatimg now in subspace. He continues administering the strikes. Blow after blow, I feel tears as they start to run down my face. I remain still. Floating so high it is only him and I in the world.

He stops, I hear the paddle hit the floor. I feel drained and weak,excited and loved. He reaches down and pulls me into a sitting position on his lap. I inhale sharply as the sting and burn from the spanking run through me. Wrapping my arms around him and nuzzling into him, I feel whole. He pulls me into his embrace and holds me close to him. Turning his head he wipes the tears from my eyes and kisses my cheek whispering in my ear, ‘Thank you my slave,you have made me very pleased. I’m proud of how well you did.’ Tears still running down my cheeks from the pain and his words. I am loved. He continues, ‘I feel better now, more relaxed. You did that for me. You knew exactly what I needed. Thank you my pet!’

Joy courses through me, I am so happy! We sit there like that for a while longer as he soothes me and caresses my body. And l eventually get up and cook my Masters meal and then serve him.

I am a blessed slave.

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