The Chair

The Chair

I have been reading a Fem Dom romance novel and in one of the scenes the Mistress had her submissive build her a queening chair. The chair is described as:


Also the writer put her own twist on it she added a hole in the bench right where his cock would be. With a new toy that she would insert into this hole. The toy was a sort of a fake vagina made to be realistic. It was heated as well as vibrated with suction.

Now you have a description of the chair and all it’s trinkets. As I was reading this scene I pictured me and my boy in the chair together.

I would have my boy laying down on the bench on his stomach his penis deep within the fake vagina. I would tie him down to the bench unable to move, unable to thrust his hips up and down. Than I would climb upon my throne and enjoy the pleasure my boy would bring me with that glorious mouth of his. While I held the remote to the toy torturing my boy as I made the toy vibe and suction slow than fast. Watching as he squirmed. Mmmmm this is a very nice scene I see in my mind.

One day my boy we will play this scene out physically.

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