Another Day with Daddy

Another Day with Daddy

I woke up to a very nice message from my Daddy this morning (as always). I very much look forward to those messages every day! Well, his headache finally went away! Yay! And so I waited for his lunch break. He had an early shift today so that means you really never know when he will take lunch. So I sat here waiting for him to go to lunch so we could have our normal lunch text. Also, I needed the reassurance again from him that it was ok to go to lunch with my friend today (read lunch with a friend) it was getting later and later and still Daddy hadn’t taken his lunch yet. Ok yup (no surprise) I started stressing, not only was I missing my Daddy and really wanted to chat with him, but I needed that reassurance again. Sooooo here comes the stress (even more) I thought ok maybe he already took his lunch, maybe he isn’t going to text till after work. “That’s it I’m canceling the lunch! And just as I was getting ready to text him and cancel it Daddy finally text me!!!!!! RELIEF!!!!!

So I did get to talk to Daddy before my friend got here, it was a pleasant conversation, it always is with Daddy. I got the reassurance again that I needed and it eased some of the stress. I also wanted Daddy to approve the shirt I had on so I took a picture of it and sent it to him. He approved, so I did well! So I went to lunch and got back in time to have the video chat with my Daddy! The highlight of my week! Again, as usual, I had a nice chat with Daddy.

Well, during our chat Daddy told me that he twisted his bad wrist again, this sets off the Dominant side in me, I hate it when my Daddy hurts or gets hurt. So I may have got a little firm with him and wearing his wrist brace when he got home. But it is only because I worry about Daddy when he is hurt, I care so much for him and want him to be well. I don’t want him in pain and when it happens I want it fixed! So yes I did maybe overstep just a bit, but it is only because I have this need to take care of him. Very strong need! I love him! But he didn’t get upset with me, he chuckled a bit and ‘gently’ reminded me who is in charge. I immediately felt his Dominance take over and felt myself ease back to where I belong, where I want to be. But just know Daddy it is only because I care for you so much! So now I sit here the end of my day writing about it in my journal. Today had it’s ups and downs but in the end, it was a pleasant day!

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