Lunch with a Friend

Lunch with a Friend

Well, the beginning of my day was a bit stressful, I have a friend who also has a past with me. A bit of a sore spot for my Daddy. But of course, Daddy comes first in anything and everything. So I had a chat with Daddy about having lunch with this friend and letting him know (again) how our dynamic has changed. I was also nervous when said lunch came around that he may want to still carry on with what we did in our past. That would have meant I would have given up the friendship and went on my way. No way would I ever betray Daddy in any way.

So needless to say I sat here and stressed about it today, stressing if it was going to go the way I was playing it out in my head. Stressing is this bothering Daddy and he just isn’t saying anything. I in no way wanted to hurt Daddy, and I didn’t want to hurt my friend either. So many times I thought about just texting him and canceling the whole thing! It was becoming more trouble than it was worth! I stressed myself out so much that I was worn out by the time lunch came around.

But it did come around, and needless to say, I stressed for no reason what so ever! We actually had a nice pleasant lunch. We chatted about Daddy and me, we chatted about him and his girlfriend, we talked some about wine, and we also talked about a new diet he wants to try (no way can I remember the name of it lol) but it is something he wants to try for himself.  As for myself, I’m not interested in the diet nor am I interested in starting one. I don’t need to I have a Daddy! lol

But in the end, it was a nice lunch and I got to keep my friend. That made me happy and also my Daddy cause he knows now that my friend knows that is what we are, just friends. So I stressed for nothing all day. I was so aggravated with myself I came home and just started cleaning! That seems to help me. So I guess you can say it turned out to be a good day, I got a free lunch and my house is clean!!!!! Makes for a nice day off.

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