Going to the Gym

Going to the Gym

I have been going to the gym on and off for about 4 years now. I had a previous membership at PF and I enjoyed that membership. But when covid hit it put a dent into my workout regimen. One, the gym reduced their hours and even closed for a period of time which put a dent into my attendance there. Sometimes it’s hard to schedule time to go to the gym when you have to schedule around work. Two, I didn’t particularly want to take a chance on my part to get covid so I didn’t take advantage of my membership.

Well after covid restrictions started easing up and the gym started staying open it’s normal hours more and more people started attending the gym. Which is understandable but made it very hard to get to a machine. This started making my workout sessions longer and putting me home later which would put me in a rush to get my shower, dinner and other routine things I do after work. So it made it difficult to get everything done before bedtime (work nights). So I was losing sleep and getting wore out from trying to keep up my schedule of work, gym and responsibilities for myself. So my gym time diminished some. Then it started getting more and more crowded (I don’t do well in crowds) so eventually I stopped going and was paying for a membership I never used. Well after paying for several months where I never even looked at the gym much less go I finally went in and cancelled my membership.

Several months went by with no gym no membership. Which at first I was ok with because of crowds and covid. But you see I very much enjoy going to the gym ( I know you’re like “WHAT!” 😉) it not only makes me feel better physically it is good for my mental status as well. I go in go straight to the locker room change into my gym clothes and then put in my headphones and turn my music on. That’s when the outside world fades away and I can escape. Much like when I play with my Master and I go into subspace. Although that escape is a bit deeper but it’s the same aspect. So I was missing my gym but I didn’t particularly want to go back to PF. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good gym it’s just a bit too crowded for me and makes it harder for me to escape.

Well a while back I met a man through the FB dating app and we dated for a bit (that is a story for another time) through him I met a very nice lady ‘his cousin’ and we hit it off pretty well. 😊 Come to find out she is the manager of the YMCA at first I didn’t think anything about it but then my sister was commenting she would like to be able to go somewhere that has a pool. So that got me thinking about the lady and the YMCA so I got in touch with her to see what it would cost me to join. She did some wrangling and got me a pretty good deal. So here we are again the member of another gym.

Well I will have to admit I wish I would have joined the YMCA before I did PF. It is a lot better and not as crowded (bonus!) So I started going kind of here and there nothing regular yet. But I was getting a good feel of it and enjoying the pool. My sister hasn’t found any slack in her schedule yet to be able to enjoy the pool but I’m hopeful. And the more I went the more regular I became. My Master and I also have a little incentive set up that if I go a whole week (Mon,Wed, Fri) I’d get a reward. Which is a very nice incentive but of course it isn’t expected. So far I have kept to that schedule the last couple of weeks.

Well we’re finally getting to the point of this post. You see the gym was only open a partial part of the day on Monday because it was a holiday and sadly they were closed before I got off work so I didn’t get to attend. I was a bit bummed and also my routine was thrown out of wack. Which doesn’t bode well for me! One I get “shook out of place” it’s hard to get myself back into place. So I figured I can just go Sunday and skip Monday for that week. Well I didn’t sleep well the night before so I as well as my body was just tired and I didn’t want to take the chance of injuring myself at the gym. Then I told myself I’ll just go Tuesday well other issues have stopped me from doing that. Are these excuses or real reasons? Well they’re in lays the rub. I’ve been tossing this around in my head. So now Wednesday is about to roll around ( one of my regular scheduled days) and now I am telling myself well I have a munch (dinner with friends) that Wednesday and I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to shower and get dressed if I work out.

Technically I would have enough time to work out and make it home in time to shower and dress. Now mind you I will have to go with wet hair and rush rush when I get home. So I’m here to get your vote/opinion on this. Excuse or legit? As I said before once I’m kicked out of my routine it is very hard for me to get back into it.

Thank you for reading this short story 😊 I just wrote. I do hope I hear from y’all on what verdict you come up with.

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